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Rural Internet

LV.Net Rural Areas High Speed Internet

Las Vegas ISP services cover areas where no other Internet exists, serving rural areas in both Nevada and other surrounding states.

LV.Net offers Rural High Speed Microwave Internet to the most remote corners of the Mojave Desert. Whether its construction, alternative energy, mining, or something else, no job is too small for LV.Net to handle. Our service can cover any location no matter the climate, conditions, or altitude. LV.Net's network is more than capable of providing speeds up to 1Gbps and up without issue. With LV.Net's microwave wireless, you'll be able to sidestep the hassles and problems that come with fiber installation, ensuring you get maximum Internet access with minimized hassle.

With over a decade of service and a top tier internal support team, LV.Net high speed wireless/microwave Internet is guaranteed to stay up and running no matter what the circumstance is. Our technical support is available 24/7 and our network also features redundancy on a scale that cannot compare to the competition. With LV.Net, you can be assured that your connection stays up no matter how busy things get.

Do you need High Speed Internet in the middle of the desert? LV.Net can serve you in the rural areas of Nevada and other surrounding states.


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